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Allstate Drive Wise


Before choosing an auto insurance plan, drivers should carefully examine all of the discount programs and services offered by competing providers. The Allstate Drive Wise® program is different in that it records the daily driving habits of the customer and can result in a substantial savings for those who demonstrate responsibility when operating a motor vehicle.

Safe Drivers Earn Points

Car insurance companies cannot afford to give favorable rate quotes to all drivers. Statistics gathered over the years clearly show correlations between certain driving habits and the likelihood of an accident. Those who drive defensively, wear a seatbelt, brake properly, and keep to the speed limit are considered candidates for the Allstate Drive Wise program.

Most insurance companies offer discounts for any driver who has few or no accidents on record. If a driver avoids being stopped for any sort of moving violation, insurance providers are inclined to give a discount for liability insurance protection, collision and comprehensive coverage. Other optional discounts such as PIP and uninsured motorist protection may also be available at a reduced price.

How The Drive Wise Program Works

Both new and existing Allstate customers may apply for enrollment in the Drive Wise program. Applicants can go online and complete a brief questionnaire to get the process started. If the company considers the candidate a safe road risk, enrollment in the program can be handled by any licensed Allstate agent.

The driver will be sent a Drive Wise device that is plugged directly into the vehicle. It measures and records numerous vehicle operations such as whether safety belts are being worn, the average speed on surface streets, how often and how hard the driver uses the brakes, and how quickly the vehicle is accelerated or slowed. Drivers can upload this information to the Allstate website, giving the company a continuous record of how the vehicle is being operated.

The insurance company keeps statistics for a period of time and determines whether the individual is demonstrating safe, defensive driving habits. The resulting reward can be lowered premiums, often as much as 10 percent on all types of protection currently covered by the policy.

Technology For Safe Drivers

This technologically advanced device is one of the most accurate ways insurance companies can measure how drivers operate a motor vehicle. It not only shows whether a driver is using good judgment while in traffic, it also records the time of day the vehicle is being used. This information helps to determine what kinds of accidents may occur at a particular hour and better determine risk for the insurance company. The lower the drivers risk of an accident, the lower the rates they may pay.

Because certain neighborhoods are considered safer at night due to light traffic, drivers who operate a vehicle during these hours are in a lower risk category. Insurance companies are well aware of the roads that experience high traffic volume during the day, especially during morning and afternoon commute hours. If a Drive Wise telematic device shows a lack of hard braking and rapid acceleration during commute times, Allstate may consider the vehicle operator to be using good judgment.

The Allstate Drive Wise program can help drivers save tremendously on their insurance premiums. It is an advanced tool used to determine an individual’s driving habits. Those who believe they are safe, responsible drivers are encouraged to check out this program to see how much they might save on auto insurance rates.

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