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The Safeco Rewind Program


It is well known that a single speeding ticket or at-fault auto accident can have an adverse effect on car insurance premiums. Some insurance companies offer future forgiveness programs, but the Safeco Rewind program allows immediate relief by waiving higher insurance rates.

Instant Forgiveness Program

The Safeco Rewind program allows drivers with a setback on their record to keep their insurance rates more affordable. This is accomplished by participation in a vehicle monitoring process. The driver enrolls in the program and is given a device that records the vehicle’s activity.

The device plugs into the car and records everything from mileage and acceleration to fuel efficiency and vehicle location. This is valuable information that insurance companies use to place drivers in a statistical category. Those who sign up for the program enjoy immediate benefits because the program applies to existing speeding tickets or other moving violations.

The program is free and there are no hidden charges applied to the policy. The Rewind program is available in many locations and can be instituted by contacting a licensed Safeco agent. The idea is to give otherwise responsible drivers the second chance they deserve and keep these drivers happy Safeco customers. The Rewind program is different than other insurance vehicle monitoring programs such as Progressive Snapshot, The Hartford Truelane, and State Farm Drive Safe and Save.

Welcome to Safeco Field

Safeco Field: Home of the Seattle Mariners

Eligibility Requirements For Drivers

Those who have at least a one-year policy that includes the required liability insurance plan will be considered for the program. Drivers must have no more than two qualifying setbacks on their record. The vehicle being insured must be compatible with the program requirements, but most passenger vehicles manufactured after the mid 1990’s are eligible.

The evaluation period lasts about four months. During this period of time, drivers with an installed device will be able to check online for results of their driving history. Safeco Insurance will also monitor the data carefully to see if the driver is eligible for lower risk premiums.

Type Of Data Collected

The Rewind program device collects information about the vehicle mileage, where the car is driven, how much rapid acceleration is experienced, and how often maximum brake force is applied. The built-in SIM card automatically transmits this data to the insurance company. Safeco Insurance uses the data to help determine where accidents are likely to occur.

When the evaluation period is up, drivers will be notified of their safety score. If the score is acceptable, drivers will be eligible for the lower risk insurance rates currently enjoyed by favored policyholders. Safeco will apply these rates to the current insurance policy even though the moving violation is still on record.

Safe Driver

Permanent Waiver Of Vehicle Incident

If Safeco determines the driver has operated his or her vehicle in a safe manner, permanent forgiveness of the existing violation is offered. Unlike many other insurance companies, Safeco does not require a driver to complete as many as three years of safe driving before becoming eligible for lower insurance premiums. The program can only be completed once, but many drivers will save money by taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

The Safeco Rewind program is designed to give drivers who have a nearly perfect record the chance to avoid a rate increase solely because of a single accident or moving violation. Interested parties can contact a Safeco agent for all the details about enrolling in the evaluation study. Accident forgiveness can be immediate, with no monetary penalty for minor road incidents.

About Safeco

Safeco insurance is sold more than 40 states and has been in business for more than 85 years. They have more than 3,000 employees to serve their customers. Safeco is now a member of the Liberty Mutual Group, which in an insurer BestCarInsuranceCompanies.net offers in many states.

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