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State Farm Drive Safe and Save Program


A large number of insurance companies offer certain incentive programs for safe drivers. State Farm, the nation’s largest auto insurer, is no exception. The State Farm Drive Safe and Save Program allows policyholders to report their vehicle mileage and cut the cost of monthly premiums significantly. It is another example of a vehicle diagnostic program than can help insurers more accurately access driver risk and reward safe drivers with potentially lower rates.

Other auto insurance company offering vehicle monitoring device programs include the Progressive Snapshot discount and The Hartford TrueLane program. These programs can make pay-as-you-go car insurance a reality.

Less Mileage Means Fewer Accidents

Those who drive fewer miles each month are less likely to be involved in an accident. Vehicle owners can report their mileage each and every month to State Farm and receive future discounts on liability, collision and other auto insurance coverage. The State Farm Drive Safe and Save Program is currently available in:

– Alabama
– California
– Colorado
– Illinois
– Michigan
– Ohio
– Pennsylvania
– Texas

Most drivers operating a vehicle equipped with OnStar® can qualify for the program. The car’s odometer reading is reported by OnStar® to the insurance company, which then offers the insured a lower premium on the next renewal date. Alternatively, drivers can report their mileage themselves to the company or use the State Farm In-Drive® in-vehicle service system where eligible. When using the Drive Safe and Save Program with In-Drive®, State Farm claims that drivers can save up to 50 percent on their rates.

Using The Vehicle Diagnostics

Drivers maintaining an enrollment with the OnStar® Vehicle Diagnostics program can have their car’s mileage reported automatically to State Farm. In some states the Drive Safe and Save Program involves using a device that is plugged into the vehicle and reports the mileage to the insurance company on a monthly basis.

This In-Drive device also reports acceleration, braking and fuel efficiency. All of these statistics are important to State Farm because the company is able to place safer drivers in a lower risk category.

Substantial Savings For Safe Drivers

In California, drivers participating in the program enjoy an immediate five percent savings on their auto insurance compared to a more traditional State Farm auto policy. After several months of information gathering, drivers may save as much as 10 percent on their annual premiums. These discounts are applied upon renewal of the policy.

In Michigan, customers participating in the program will see similar savings when their policy is up for renewal. Those who drive less than 10,000 miles per year will receive as much as a 12 percent discount on liability, collision and comprehensive insurance rates.

Texas drivers may save as much as seven percent if they drive less than 10,000 miles per year. Savings may be less if the vehicle owner is currently enrolled in a low mileage program and this mileage total is exceeded in any one calendar month.

Increased Savings With Other Incentives

State Farm offers a number of incentives for good drivers. The Drive Safe and Save Program will reduce monthly insurance premiums for most vehicle operators, but those who insure more than one car, combine their auto and homeowner’s insurance, or are accident-free will save even more.

The low mileage discount offered by State Farm is possible because statistics gathered over the years indicate the probability of an accident is directly related to the number of miles driven. Many families own several cars, but one of the vehicles may accumulate mileage much more slowly than the others. One car might be used only for shopping, taking kids to school, and running errands.

This particular vehicle is far less likely to become involved in an accident. It therefore makes sense to enroll in a low mileage program that rewards the policyholder with substantial savings on insurance premiums.

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save Program is ideal for those who do not exceed 10,000 per year on their vehicle. Enrollment in the program can be completed online through the insurance company or licensed agent.

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144 Responses

  1. harold cousin

    does this apply to all safe drivers

    1. s crosby


      1. David

        yep, they sent this bs out last year and I called my agent. he said to disregard it. Kinda lifts you up and pisses you off that it was just all a hoax. for 98% of the states.

      2. mildred wimberly

        I agree with s crosby. Why did I get this drivessafe and save if it does not appl;y in Mississippi? My husband and I have been state farm insurancers for over 60 years, why not give us a few discounts!!! We insure house and 2 cars with you….

      3. Crissy

        I totaly agree with you why are they sending me this notice when i live in Oregon and we dont quialify

        1. John Agoropoulos

          Why bother promoting this ? Guess the entire state of New York has no safe drivers ? Lots of BULL SHIT from State Farm. Been with them for over 40 years, no claims, no discounts for accident free, just higher premiums every year ! WTF….? Why am I still with them ???

      4. Velton Watts- Arbour

        I also have two vehicles insured with State Farm ,live in Louisiana. Why offer something to subscribers that is not available in our state.?? You state I’ll receive a discount of up to 5% just for signing up !! I have 2 vehicles presently insured with State Farm. We will see :)

  2. Zollie Blackmon

    I am trying to register for Drive safe & save.Please help me

    1. Harriette Bailey

      I want to enroll in the Drive Safe and Save program

    2. David


    3. mildred wimberly

      I need help also…..

    4. sheila christensen

      would like 5% discount

  3. sylvia butler

    Where so I sign up for the 5% discount????

    1. John Rankin

      I am a State Farm customer with Jim Docs, give me my 5% discount.

    2. Louie A. Leyba

      where do I sign up to take the test to get the 5% discount?

      1. Chen Hsi wang

        Interesting the discount .thanks.

    3. john kay

      Sign me up for the 5percent discount.

  4. Charles F, Eggers

    Sign me up for safe drivers

  5. Jerry J Moore

    I went onto we-site and it does not show Indiana as a State that can get into this program??????

  6. pedro moreno and alamar moreno

    we want to be in this program. thank you

  7. Kris Kringle

    Big brother in your car, this is all conditioning getting you ready for the chip in your wrist. Hello New World Order. no thanks… I’ll pass.

  8. ronald stubing

    looking for drive safe and save discount

  9. Nicandro P. Pedroza

    I am interested in getting a discount on my insurance. How do I register for the 5% discount and how else can I save with the drivesafeandsave?

    1. joe b. guerra

      I have been with state farm for many years, don’t want to change!!!!! Allstate came in with a program which will reward you, for driving safe!

  10. Bonnie McDaniel

    How does one sign up for the 5% discount and any/all other benefits? Also, MO is not listed as a participating state; so where does this take us?

    Please respond by e-mail. Thank you.

  11. Karen Hasselbeck

    What if you do not have OnSTAR?

  12. Richard Krone

    I wish to enroll

  13. Gisela Zabriskie

    I am trying to register for Drive Safe & Save.
    I started…but don’t seem to get anywhere. Need your help!

  14. Lily rousseau

    looking for the discount

  15. william weddington

    would like the 5% discount to be applied

  16. Vera G. Sharp

    I’m looking for a quote from State Farm and no one else.

  17. Barbara Simons


    Go to this website. But you need to have On-Star or Sync or In-Drive to qualify.

  18. mprinty

    I have insurance with State Farm and would like to sign up and receive 5% discount for
    signing up. Agent Den Georgoulos, Ageny . Palos Heights,IL.

  19. Elizabeth Aldredge

    Where do I sign up for the 5% discount??

  20. Daniel Klee

    what option applies to my car??

  21. Arnold E. Splan Sr.

    This is a great system if you have a General Motors product with On-Star.What about us poor folks that don’t have that privilage.I have got two older vehicals,95 Honda Accord wagon,and a2000 Ford Windstar.How are you going to scan these systems,short of putting a small fortune into the computer system?

  22. otis r snelling sr

    i have state farm

  23. donald william piper

    great program



  25. theresa m mendicino

    customer of Bobbozovich, Bentleyvill, Pa State Farm Auto Ins

  26. Rock Star

    OK ffirst of all …
    anyone wanting to register for this program thru State Farm MUST visit their agent (the agent completes the registration process) – their is NO online registration !
    second … this program is ONLY available in ‘8’ states … IF your state of residence is NOT listed – you can NOT register for the program !

  27. Mary June Powell

    Yes, I do want a discount.

  28. Bruce H. Felder

    We wanted to sign up for the Drive Safe & Save, but it is so confusing. Let us know

  29. Walter L. Hall

    i tried to register for the $5.00 discount for safe driving, but was unable.

  30. Walter L. Hall

    I do already have Insurance with State Farm on three vehicles.

  31. Frederic B. Doege

    I’m an aircraft owner and don’t go far in a car. Always go by plane on out-of-town excursions.

  32. carl veach

    Ihave a 2013 Ford Escape and do not drive far at all.

  33. carl veach

    I also have 4 autos through state farm.

  34. Leona

    I do not see how to sign up fro the drive safe and save program. I am a State Farm customer and got the offer in the mail to sign up on line and then see my agent..

  35. Raymond D. Leach

    Sign me up please!

  36. helen ann griech

    I have on star and would like to hear from you as to the discount .

  37. Harry Rehberg

    My husband and I hacve been with State Farm for all our insurnce for over 40 years. Received the letter about drive safe and save program but see no where to sign up!
    So what’s the story?

  38. Patti

    I would like to join this program and save money.

  39. Lwrence Carie

    Need to know what I need to get this/

  40. storyshari

    want to sign up
    no success

  41. karl backer

    ok how much does it cost for the third party subcription whats the catch sounds like another GREAT AMREICA RIP OFF TO ME
    supisious nothing can save 5% ifyou have to pay someone else

  42. karl backer


    1. Al Garcia

      Your absolutely right Karl! It’s amazing that people so willingly and naively give up their right to privacy among other freedoms for a few dollars. They are falling right into obama’s big brother agenda.

  43. Joseph Salvato

    My wife and I have had Sate Farm for 54 Years, including our 5 children when they were living at home, I see no place to sign up for this plan. Please notify us as to go about this safe driving discount, we are certainly interested.

  44. Louise Campanici

    How do I persue this 5% discount for signing up?

  45. Jan

    How do I sign up???


      sign up

  46. Ron Thomsen

    So how does one sign up. I drive less than 100 miles a month as a rule.

  47. Sonia Bedrosian

    I have been with State Fram Insurance for a number of years. Kindly notify me as to the safe-driving discount as per letter (undated) from agent received on 23 March 2013

  48. Glennis Martin

    I’m looking for the one for Missouri around the Kansas
    city area, and I haven’t seen it.

  49. Mark eiseman

    Love State Farm I’ve been a client for .47!yrs

  50. Henry Genwright

    I been member of State farm insurance, for more then 30 years, its about time for a lower rate.

  51. Jim Ferguson

    Been with Sate Farm all my driving life, as was my father grandfather, always treated great, always looking for a way to save money so i can buy gas to go when we need to, driving a impala 08 . Don’t smoke or drink, 79 years old, and drive the speed limit,

  52. Robert D. Ross

    What information should I take to my agent?

  53. wayne upton

    I signed up and then found out that it would cost me $100 if I cancelled after 1 month. The onstar feature does NOT Have the free one year trial. The only free trial is actually for one month. There is also a monthly charge of $5.99 after the free trial period which probably negates the lowering of the premium. THIS OFFERING IS LIKE A BAIT AND SWITCH SCHEME. I SENT THE ITEMS BACK THE SAME DAY I RECIEVED THEM AND THE COMPANY HAS YET TO SEND ME AN EMAIL CONFIRMING RECEPTION OF THE ITEMS.

  54. john kay

    Sign me up.

  55. john kay

    Sign me up for discount.

  56. james kennedy

    Lets try it

  57. james healy

    received letter, live in Fla, this state is not listed, why the letter?Ifeel rates aremuch higher with state farm. Ihave checked Met Life and allstate. your response jim healy 5/26/13

  58. noreen

    where do I sign up for the 5 % savings HELP

  59. Diana LaRose

    Responding about the safe-driving discount.

  60. Josaphine68

    You people are signing up willingly for government tracking. State Farm will use data collected against you and for rationing some day. Just like Smart Meters, don’t fall for it! This is Big Brother for your car. Is your privacy really worth $14 discount per year?? Don’t we have enough government surveillance? They will hear your conversations, track your gas usage, mileage, and so much more. Reject the Nanny State NOW! Wake up! It is not for “teen driver” safety, they are sending info directly to the government.

  61. Josaphine68

    I called my agent and she told me she completely disagrees with this corporate program. This is tyranny. The data collected is worth WAY more than the lousy 5% discount they offer.

  62. anitashultz

    it will not show me anything i have statefarm

  63. Pedro Castellanos

    I don’t think is fair you don’t offer this program for me I have been a safe driver for over 20 years in your company never had a discount.



  65. Robert A. Schultz

    This web site was very difficultt to understand. First it seemed I was contacting some other company, not State Farm – then line asking for zip code, but no place to show it. I am submitting, but now expect nothing.

  66. antoinette clevinger

    I have had insurance with State Farm for many years. I would like to receive a disount up to 5%.

  67. Dale Dudas

    I would like to sign up to save 5%. Thank you.

  68. Deborah Pagan

    live in Illinois, trying to sign up for 5% discount…..

  69. Ruby L Joseph

    Got the letter from my agent, only to discover it is not valid in MD, the state he & I both are in. Does anyone else see a problem with this. I assume No ONE could be this stupid…

  70. richard cassidy Sr.

    Do i get the 5%discound?

  71. steve clark

    I do not live in one of the 8 states.Why did they waste their{my} money sending me this program info?

  72. Marion Burrell

    I maybe Interested in joining the Drive Safe & Save Program. Where are the options to choose?

  73. richard santina

    How do I get discount

  74. Anita Darragh

    How do you sign up for this program?. I want the 5% discount. Please notify me<

  75. Laura Tribbie

    Hello, I have been trying, with my elementary computer knowledge, to sign up for the discount offered in a letter from my agent to no avail. I know my user id and password but it will not let me in the program. What now? ltribbie@verizon.net

  76. Mary Buentello

    I received a letter saying I can get a 5% discount by signing up for the drivesafeandsave. Where do I sign up? I need the 5% and more.

  77. gilbert lee wagner

    i would like to inroll in such a program in ohio

  78. richard migdal

    hope you can help

  79. joseph m king

    Agent Wayne Faircloth – Dickinson, Texas Policy 742 2806-B23-53L – need to know more about this Drive safe & Save

  80. Sheila Vanessa Landfair

    Okay more savings

  81. kennethbroser


  82. darlene jodouin

    I am trying to sign up for drive safe and save, but I can’t find where to sign in for my discount.

  83. bonnie gulbrandsen

    I already get the lowest mileage under 7500 annually so what else can you offer me to lower my rates

  84. Robert Anderson

    I am very interesting in hearing and joining this program.

  85. kay carder

    I don’t see NV on the save 5% list…why spend the postage to all of us that don’t qualify by living in the right state…maybe our premiums would be less is they saved the $.45 cents per person…just add that up for the hundreds of mailers sent out….

  86. Maureen Beach

    I am a State Farm customer and have a good rate , but this does not apply to Florida drivers. Thanks, but let me know when Florida is part of this discount.

  87. Billie C, Smith

    I want information and possibly to sign up for the Drive Safe & Save Program. I am a State Farm client of Carolyn Hugley, Columbus, GA



  89. Barry & Patricia Bond

    Why did I get a letter to get a 5% discount? I live in Arizona, one of the many states that does not qualify for any discount. I have been with State Farm auto insurance since 1967!

  90. Billy & Marilyn Cox

    yes we are interested. We do not have OnStar, but we are interested in 3 of the plug in devices.. for 3 different vehicles . we will talk with our agent David Jennings.
    thanks for the info. Marilyn Cox

  91. L. Russell & Vera Pierson

    We want to sign up for the drive safe & save programe.

  92. William A. Hehs

    I would like to learn more about this program

  93. Martha Carroll

    Do I qualify for drive and safe

  94. Barbara A. LeKates

    I’ve been with State Farm 56yrs I could use a discount here and there. I don’t drive long distance – put very little mileage on my car.

  95. Ramona Vaughan

    I would like to receive the 5% savings.

  96. Lucille McDonald

    I do not understand what I am supposed to do to be given a 7% discount for less than 10,000 miles driven per year and I am wondering how to get a 5% discount for signing up…and how do I sign up….My agent is Ann Brannen in League City TX 77573
    Thank you!

  97. Hal Scott

    What next. Big brother is pervasive enough now. Check my mileage, Check my speed. Check who I am talking to in the car. NO THANKS you can keep your 5% and all your hidden agenda items.

  98. Ola mcconnel

    sign me up for my 5% discount


    i am interested in signing up for a discount on my insurance

  100. hubey-do

    I have been with State Farm for 60 years and they, like every other company, just continues to raise the rates. If it is not because the car is new, it is because it is older and costs more for parts to repair it. If you are young, then your rates are higher because of you are young, If you are old, then your rates are higher because you are old. If you are a male, then your rates are higher because you are more at risk. If you are a female, ditto.
    If you have an accident, then your rates rise because of the accident, then the raise more than costs you than the actual repairs do.
    Then to top it off, the state makes you carry uninsured motorist insurance to cover those drivers who don’t bother to have insurance. It is sometime cheaper to hire a taxi to carry you everywhere or better yet, be so low-income, that the state welfare carries you everywhere you want to go for free.

  101. Julius Davis

    I wish to sign up for the State Farm drive safe and save. Unable to locate exactly where I do that from the web address given in letter.

  102. Someone

    When you sign up with your agent. you then get the equipment call the number it says to call. If you have problems call the support # on the back cover. The specialist will help you confirm installation and your choice of basic(connect), Safety & security (Guardian-$30 first 6mo-you can cancel anytime and go back to free basic package), or Family Co-Pilot- ft. on the today show( $59.94 first 6mo- again you can cancel anytime). Tell them what package is best fit and they finish your registration. takes 5-10 minutes. My call went longer but I had some concerns about why they needed my credit card. They explained it well. State farm has teamed up with verizon and they dont share info. The subscription is bill separately from SF BILL. I picked the guardian service- $5 a mo and now I can have those onstar like safety and security features. I went to in-drive.com and it looks like they will soon offer turn by turn directions. That sounds awesome!- I hope this helped



  104. Cynthia K Hogan

    I would like to join this program

  105. larrylovelady

    no comment

  106. Dane F Jensen

    I would like to know if I will receive any discount after filling out this form?

  107. art hogarth

    how to apply for the 5% discount

  108. Anthony Williams

    Waiting on my 5% discount !!!!!

  109. Pat Shafer

    I do not see FL as a Drive Safe & Save State. Is that correct, I drive very low mileage per year.

  110. robert l. hamilton jr

    i try to register for safe&save but couldn”t Help!!!!!

    1. yahoo

      we tried to register for drive safe n save.Need help!!!!

  111. robert l hamilton jr

    we tried to register for drive safe n save. Need Help!!!!!!

  112. Jean Dersch

    Hopefully South Carolina will be added to this program soon!!!

  113. Frederick D tinsley

    How do I sign up for the 5% discount?


  114. jim

    Have tried for hours and cannot find where to sign up! I have been with SF for 40 years with nary a single claim I think I deserve a discount.

  115. kenny loveless

    how do i sign up for 5% discount iI tried for a while what a waste of time.

  116. steve hadfield

    yep, same story in Alaska, 30plus years with SF, drive fewer than 20 mile a week average???
    think they just enjoy sending mail, I receive more mail from SF than any other entity. 4 wheeler, snowmachine, house, cabin all with SF…..they should be paying me!!

  117. rita tauzin

    I would like to get e-mail from state farm my e-mail address is tauzin123@hotmail.com or tauzin123@outlook.com

  118. Mary Herndon

    I have been with State Farm for a very long time with no discounts for any thing. Have house , & 2 cars. I ‘m older also with no claims. Just reduce rates, no forms etc.

  119. marlon

    Makes me want to change to a company with this IN MY STATE! Don’t waste MY premium dollars on a promotion that is not available to me. You should feel stupid for not using your data base to it’s potential and target those who qualify (by state). This is a temptation to switch.

  120. Curtis Fuller

    Folks…this Drive Safe and Save program is a joke!!! They advertised this as “save up to 50%” for being a good driver. Here is my experience in the state of GA. My savings on my new May 2014 premium renewal policy was $20.57. YES, $20.57!!! Of course they claim there was another rate increase overall. Well, there was a rate increase just 6 mo prior to this also which immediately ate up the initial 5% discount for signing up plus some. I am now 6 mo in to Drive Safe & Save and patiently awaited my driving data history collection and the expected discount. I have never had a wreck or even a speeding ticket. My driving record score card consistently is two A pluses, three A’s and one B. Unfortunately, my B grade is due to the time of day I drive. Amazing to me how I get a “B” for a 3 minute drive to the corner Publix during 8-10am or 4-6pm…lol! I am retired and my car comes out of the garage one to three times every week or so. I have fussed with my agent and it is being researched with corporate currently. This is my savings for being a great driver??? No one can tell me the total calculated mileage that my wheels rolled forward in 6 months???? No one can explain to me why on the website it shows 3 different estimated discount amounts ranging from $88 to $135.30 within 3 different places once I log in to my account??? Of which none of those actual amounts were applied to my newly billed invoice??? Where is my (as advertised) up to 50% discount for being a safe driver and having low mileage? While waiting for my agent to answer my questions now a week later, for the past 3 business days, I have been trying to reach corporate myself for answers. I finally got a human at corporate who deals with this program specifically. She would not discuss ANYTHING with me about this program or my discount and said to contact my agent. Are you kidding me??? I just got off the phone with my agent again and basically from what she has been given from her sources (as of this minute) at corporate, I still have no answers except that the final bill is all I am going to get. What a waste of 6 mo building a history to have this as the end result.

  121. Curtis Fuller

    Just wanted to give an update to this wasted venture and joke of a program called Drive Safe and Save. Agent never could provide a single answer. Finally got through to the person (Nancy Jewell) over this program at corporate and she would not even speak to me or give one minute on the phone and referred me back to my agent. I filed a formal complaint with corporate and was then responded to by a State Farm underwriter for the state of Georgia. Just want to add this note also….On the website for my account, I now have grades of four A pluses, one A and one B plus. Bottom line is after the free year and once fees and any applicable taxes are applied I would be saving a whopping $12.66 every 6 months. Device unplugged, put back in box and mailed back to State Farm and service cancelled. As advertised “save up to 50%”, I got 10.8% discount not counting fees and taxes for being in the top percentage of good drivers and having way below average mileage. Don’t waste your time folks!!!

  122. Steve Asay

    I do hope this is a legitimate offer and not just smoke and mirrors. I have read some of the comments, and it doesn’t speak favoriably of the program.

  123. Elmore Marlow

    I live in South Carolina. My agent says the plan is not valid in my state. Why did State Farm waste the money for this. Will my rates go up to cover the cost?

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