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Travelers IntelliDrive


Modern technology has allowed insurance companies to monitor the driving habits of individuals more closely and accurately, making it easier to reward those who demonstrate good judgment while operating a motor vehicle. Travelers IntelliDrive is a program designed to help safe drivers keep their insurance premiums affordable while minimizing risk for the insurer.

Driver Statistics

Auto insurance companies determine the cost of premiums by looking at the make and model of vehicle, the driving record of the individual, and their address. Liability insurance, collision coverage and comprehensive protection can cost much less if the driver proves he or she is a low risk.

The Travelers IntelliDrive program allows the insurer to monitors the daily driving habits of the policyholder. This can result in a substantial savings on insurance premiums when safe and defensive driving habits are recorded.

The Travellers IntelliDrive device is installed in the dashboard

The Travellers IntelliDrive device is installed in the dashboard photo: Rich Moffitt

Drivers can save money on their car insurance if they operate a vehicle during certain times of the day, drive fewer miles than the national average, and avoid heavy traffic when possible. Parents of teen drivers can also save on premiums by using the IntelliDrive program. Teenagers are considered high-risk vehicle operators, but if they demonstrate defensive driving habits, teens may be offered lower premiums.

Signing Up For The Program

Customers who purchase insurance from Travelers may be eligible to enroll in this program. There is an immediate five percent discount on premiums when the program is initiated, and drivers can save as much as 20 percent on renewal rates. An IntelliDrive device is sent to the customer to accurately record the daily driving habits when the insured vehicle is in operation.

The IntelliDrive device is plugged into the dash of the vehicle and monitors speed, distance, time of day, and even brake force. Acceleration is also recorded as well as fuel efficiency and total mileage. Policyholders can go online and view the data any time they wish.

Parents of teen drivers can also monitor the location where the car is being used, check to see if the teen is driving in an aggressive fashion, or if the car is consuming too much fuel on roads with little or no traffic. Travelers Insurance uses this data to place the driver in a very specified category, one that could result in substantial savings on future coverage rates.

photo: Phil Roeder

How Drivers Save

Insurance companies favor drivers who drive less than 1,000 miles per month, have no moving violations, cause no accidents, and who demonstrate good habits while on the road. The IntelliDrive program monitors everything from brake force to acceleration curves. When a driver shows good judgment on surface streets that are clogged with traffic, the installed device will reflect this by noting fewer hard brake applications and sudden lane changes.

The program is not available in all states. Insurance shoppers are encouraged to contact a licensed Travelers agent to see if the program is in effect where they reside. The lower insurance coverage rates can be worth the enrollment, and policyholders will be able to get a firsthand look at their personal driving habits. Drivers may want to compare Travelers IntelliDrive to other insurance diagnostic device programs such as the Progressive Snapshot and State Farm Drive Safe and Save.

The Travelers IntelliDrive program was designed to reward those who drive in a defensive manner, and who use utmost caution while operating a motor vehicle. This 21st century technology can be used to save money on all types of auto insurance plans.

7 Responses

  1. alan patrick

    how can I activate Intellidrive account?

  2. thomas miles

    I like the Idea

  3. thomas miles

    how can I activate my account

  4. william farrow

    having trouble finding the port where I am to plug in the intelli device. I got three vehicles and I have had this device for about 3 weeks now. HELP!!

  5. michael fetherolf

    how do I get driving info. booklet said to go to this site. I want driving info. miles driven speed etc.

  6. carol embrey

    I have tried to conect to the intelli drive system to check my driving. It repeatedly tells me the ID and passowrd are not valid. I called and she said that the ID was correct and they would e-mail me how to re set my password. I really think that ID and password are correct. I wrote them down when I registered my device.

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